Friday, April 10, 2015

Training Assistance: Developing your own training program

Operator being trained on working on a loading dock.
Figure 2. Operator being trained on working on a loading dock.
Before developing your operator training program, you should become familiar with the OSHA standard for powered industrial trucks and any operator's manuals for the equipment in your workplace.
  • Identify the types of powered industrial trucks in your workplace and those employees who will be required to operate the vehicles.
  • Identify your training methods.
  • Develop the content for your training program.
  • Provide for employee evaluation.
  • Include refresher training.
It is important to recognize that training, although essential, will not be enough to eliminate accidents. To be most effective, operator training should be part of a larger comprehensive powered industrial truck safety program that includes the following elements:
  • Hazard identification and possible solutions.
  • Training (of both truck operators and those personnel working near lift trucks) and evaluation of operator competence.
  • Supervision (site survey, ongoing hazard assessment).
  • Operating procedures (company policies, recordkeeping, safety practices).
  • Maintenance and repair procedures.
  • Facility design.
  • Lift truck selection criteria (equipment survey of truck types, attachments and modifications).
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