Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Forklift: Starting & Stopping


Before starting a forklift, be sure to conduct a pre-operation inspection. In addition, conduct an operational check after starting the engine.
  • Ensure that your way is clear. Sound your horn in warning or use a spotter if your view is obstructed.
  • Proceed cautiously down the travel path watching for dangerous blind spots.
Stop signs posted to regulate traffic flows.
Figure 4. Stop signs posted to regulate traffic flows.
  • Select an area to park. Do not park in an unauthorized area. Do not block an aisle or exits. Follow your company's parking procedures.
  • Apply brake slowly and stop.
  • Neutralize the controls.
  • Set the parking brake.
  • Turn off the ignition.
  • If the truck is parked on an incline, block the wheels.
For more information, see Parking.

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