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Parts: Instruments

Fuel gauge.
Figure 7. Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge shows the amount of fuel remaining.

Requirements and Recommended Practices:

  • Do not operate while extremely low on fuel.
  • Check the fuel level during your daily inspections.
  • Refuel only in designated areas. Clean up any spills or mark the hazard area until it can be cleaned.

Hour Meter

Hour meter indicating the total time that forklift has been in service.The hour meter records the number of hours that a truck has been used. It should be recorded in your Daily Inspection Log. Maintenance is often scheduled by hours of truck use, so it is an important indicator.

Requirements and Recommended Practices:

  • Log the hours of use daily.
  • Do not exceed manufacturer's recommended hours in service.
  • Properly maintain vehicles according to manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule. Only trained and authorized personnel may service a forklift.

Battery Discharge Indicator

Battery low.Electric forklifts have a battery discharge indicator that shows when a battery charge is low. Some ways that battery gauges on the instrument panel indicate the battery is discharged are:
  • the warning light indicator is still on.
  • the gauge needle is in the warning zone.
  • a percentage indicator shows the battery charge level.
Requirements and Recommended Practices:
  • Return to the battery recharging area if the battery gauge is low.
  • Recharge the battery only if you are trained and authorized to do so.
For the procedures, see Battery Charging and Changing Procedures.

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