Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Forklift Attachment Capacity

Can I put forklift lift capacity on attachment?

Our company has made some lift attachments, the forklift company will not make a new data plate since they did not make the attachment. Can we put the weight capacity on the attachment itself. we used the OSHA formula to come up with the Numbers.
Answer: NO!!!

Not unless you are a professional engineer. To satisfy the OSHA requirement you need to have the attachment evaluated by a professional engineer to determine how much it can hold. Then the forklift lifting capabilities should be evaluated based upon the center of gravity of the new attachment. You can then provide a data plate with the lifting limits of the attachment. However, the attachment should NEVER be marked with the weight limits of the forklift.

Keep in mind there are two limits here....#1 the structural capacity of the attachment and #2 the capacity of the forklift when using this specific attachment. To be OSHA compliant both need to be evaluated by a professional engineer.

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