Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seat Belts on Forklifts

OSHA requirements about seat belts is one of the most common questions pertaining to forklifts. OSHA has several basic obligations that explain its regulations and interpretations about seat belts on forklifts.

1. All forklift operators must use a seat belt if one is on the forklift. This basically includes ALL sit-down style forklifts. Stand-up style forklift will not have them.

2. All forklift which were originally equipped (from the factory) with seat belts, must still have them in good operating condition. If a sit-down style forklift did not come with a seat belt from the factory then employers are required to take advantage of "retrofit" programs to obtain and install a seat belt. Since all major manufacturers have a "retrofit" program, all sit-down forklifts are required to have an operational seat belt.

The basic conclusion is that all sit-down style forklifts should have a seat belt and all operators should be using them.

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